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MIT Manet highest medal in inter-college competition

In the inter-college sports held by MIT Art, Design and Technology University, the players of Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (Manet) won the highest number of gold, 2 silver and won first place. Similarly, MIT School of Design won the second place with two gold and two silver medals, while MIT School Engineering players won 3 gold and 3 silver medals.

Awarded Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Trophy to the winners of individual and team sports of all 4 sports, including general winners of the Inter-College Sports Competition. Dr. Mangesh. You Karad was honored.

Dr. MIT Manet Principal Dr. Subodh Devgaonkar, Principal of MIT School of Fine Arts. Milind Dhobale, Drs. Krishnamurti Thakur, Director, MIT Sports Department Padmakar Phad was also present.

The inter-college sports competition organized by the University of MIT Art, Design and Technology has included three sports for men and women. Cricket (Men), Football (Men), Chess (Men and Women), Volleyball (Men), Badminton (Men and Women), Cross Country (Men and Women), Table Tennis (Men), Tennis (Men) Swimming (Men) And women), rowing (men and women), athletics (men and women), kabaddi (men), basketball, and more than 5 players from different organizations participated.

The MIT School of Architecture won 1 gold and 2 silver medals, 1 gold and 2 silver medals by the MIT Mitcom team, MIT SBSR team won two gold and 2 silver medals, and MIT College of Food Technology team won 1 silver.

The MIT ID team won the gold medal in the final of the Battle of Mitt School of Design and MIT School of Engineering, while the MIT School of Design team defeated the MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research team in the final of women's batminton.

The MIT SOE team won the gold medal by defeating the MIT Manate team in the table tennis tournament. In the cross country men and women team, Manet Gold and MIT SOE won silver medals. The MIT SOE won gold while the MIT Manet team won silver in the Chess Men's Tournament. The SBSR team won the Gold Medal in the Chess Women's Championship.

In the cricket tournament, the MIT Manet team defeated the MIT SOE team and won a gold medal. The MIT SOE team won the gold medal by defeating the MIT Manate team in the Tennis Men's Tournament. In the volleyball men's team, the MIT Mitcom team won a gold medal, while the MIT Manet team won the silver medal. The MIT Manate team won a gold medal in the Basketball Men's Tournament. The gold medal was won by the MIT SOE in the football tournament, the MIT MANET team at the Kabbadi tournament. Manet's team won gold in rowing and swimming events.

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