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Mobile is going out in the skull of youth due to the rum, revealed in new research

new Delhi: 
Mobile technology has changed our way of life completely. Whether it is reading, doing work, talking to each other, shopping or dating with someone, after the arrival of the mobile everything has changed. Well we know all this. Nothing new in this. But what we do not know is that small machines like mobile are also changing the osteoporosis inside the body ie the skeleton. According to a new research, 'horns' are coming out in the heads of more mobile users. This has also been confirmed in the head scan.  

Mobile is going out in the skull of youth due to the rum, revealed in new research
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Yes, in a new research on biomechanics i.e. a new research has revealed that because of the over-leaning of the head, the young are developing horns behind their skull. According to the research, young people spending hours on mobile, especially those between the ages of 18 and 30, are becoming more and more victims. This research has been done at the Sunshine Coast University in Queensland, Australia.
Research has said that bending of the weight from the backbone to the muscles of the head, connecting tendons and ligaments develop bone. As a result, a hook or horn-like bone is growing, which is exited from the scalp just above the neck. According to the news of 'The Washington Times', this prickly bone can be seen in the lower part of the scalp. This bone looks like a horn According to doctors, our skull weighs about four and a half kilograms, that is equal to one watermelon. Generally, people use their mobile to move their head backwards. In this way, the lower part of the neck strains in the muscles and due to this the bones leave out to the outside, which somebody looks like a horn. This is happening due to excessive pressure on the head.
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Researchers say that smartphones and other similar devices are changing the human form. To see what is happening on the small screen, the user has to bow in front of his head. Researchers claim that this is the first document of their kind of adverse effect on technology on the human body. 
Let us know that the first paper of the researchers was published in the journal of Anatomy in the year 2016. In it, X-rays of 216 people were given as examples, aged between 18 and 30 years. Research said that 41% of the young adults may have a head-bone growth, which is much higher than previously estimated. It is more in men than women.
Similarly, another paper was introduced in the year 2018, where four teenagers were taken as a case study. Research said that the horns on the head of these teenagers were not genetic, but due to pressure on the scalp and neck.

X-ray of 1200 people from 18 years to 86 years was included in the research report published months before this paper. Researchers found that 33 percent of people had developed horn-like bone.

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