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Tina Dabih Khan's I-Video topped Viral, Priya Prakash Warrior gets involved

new Delhi: 
Video of the Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Warrior in 2018 had made a huge impact on social media. This video soon made Actress Priya Light Warrior the most searched personalities on Google in 2018. Now, a video that is also competing against Priya Light Warrior has become viral on social media. This video belongs to Iana Topper, Tina Dabi Khan Khan. Tina Dabi Khan recently shared a video from her Instagram account, in which she is pointing to her eyes showing her wardrobe. The special thing is that this video of Tina Dabi Khan has seen people have seen about 1,72,000 thousand times, and also commented on it. 

Tina Dabih Khan's I-Video topped Viral, Priya Prakash Warrior gets involved

IAS topper Tina Doe Khan  (IAS Topper Tina Dabi Khan) has been this video posted a few times before social media, but can not wait continued their videos on the likes and comments coming. Commenting on the video of Tina Dabi Khan, a fan wrote, "You have inspired more than half of India's girls, who think that they can not do anything. May God bless you. '

Apart from this, his second fan, praising Tina Dabi Khan, said that he has watched this video nearly four times. In this video, Tina Dabie Khan's look looks very cute. Along with this, Mehndi, on his hand, made his video even more powerful. 

Let us tell that 24-year-old Tina Dahani Khan has made headlines by becoming a topper in the UPAC exam in 2015. After this, Tina Dahir Khan married Amir Athar Khan, who came second in the IAS examination that same year. Since the marriage of Tina Dabi Khan, she has also been known as 'Kashmiri Bahu'. Both of them met in the office of the Department of Personal and Training in North Block. Both are from each other since 2015. Tina and Aamir are very open thoughts about their relationships since the beginning. Along with this, he often shares his photos and videos on social media.

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