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The tax officer kept sitting in the next store and found out the earnings of Kachori in Aligarh

new Delhi: 
A surprising news has been received from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. Here is a cashier's millionaire and his annual turnover is 60 lakh rupees. The Commercial Tax Department has issued notice to Mukesh Kachori. This merchant named Mukesh sells Kachody and Samosas for the last 10-12 years. After that, the State Intelligence Bureau received complaints about it, after which the officials got involved in the investigation. The commerce tax authorities reviewed the sale of sitting around for two days. After this the team of the team reached the survey on June 21. Officials found in the primary investigation that the annual turnover of the cashier's trader is more than Rs 60 lakhs. For the last 10 years, the trader is working as a cashier and samsa. The business in the investigation was not registered in the GST. However, those who turn over Rs 40 lakh annually have to register in GST. Investigators claim that only 60 lakh turnover has been detected in the primary investigation,
Sales tax officer Anoop Maheshwari says that such complaints are being made about some traders that they should have registration in GST. But he is not doing this. In this episode a cachauri was examined, whose turn over was estimated to be more than 60 lakh, action will also be taken on the basis of evidence. At the same time, the neighbor Akbar of Mukesh Pakodi has said that the team had come here on June 20 and what they did the survey is wrong. So these income is of those good deeds, not so much. The whole family is kept from four o'clock in the morning.

Mukesh says, I do not know about all this. I am running this shop from 12 and no one has told about this process. We are ordinary people who sell Kachouri and Samosas for life. At the same time, an officer of the State Intelligence Bureau, who is involved in the investigation of the case, points out that Mukesh agreed to give details of his income very easily and provided all the details of the expenses, oil and LPG cylinders. 

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