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Due to a small bug, dozens of trains stopped, 12 thousand passenger lanes

new Delhi: 
A small snail has been attributed to power cuts due to which dozens of trains stopped and 12 thousand passengers were too late to reach their destination. The case is from Japan

Due to a small bug, dozens of trains stopped, 12 thousand passenger lanes
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The Raylev operator told on Sunday that power supply was interrupted on May 30 on some lines of Southern Japan operated by the Kyōsho railway. For this reason, the company had to cancel 26 trains and many other services. In the case of transport, especially in terms of transport, always in Japan, this situation has created a situation of confusion and disorganization. 
A week after this problem came in the power supply, officials told that they had found the accused of this incident. The accused is none other but a snail. Actually, the snail went inside an electric equipment plant near the railway track. 
According to the company spokesman, "The information that is responsible for this disruption in power supply has come to light. First we thought that there was a live insect in it, but it turned out to be a dead snake." 
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According to the local media, snails were also killed after having a short circuit in the electrical equipment. 
According to the official, he can not say that this has happened for the first time but this phenomenon is unique. 

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