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Congress dreaming of winning the seat of Amit Shah or Smriti Irani is now hanged in N = [T / (S + 1) + 1 formula

new Delhi: 
Amit Shah and Smriti Irani  After winning the Lok Sabha elections, two seats of Rajya Sabha were vacant from Gujarat. The Congress wanted that elections would be held simultaneously in both the seats. But the Supreme Court has rejected the party's demand. Now, both the seats will also be held on July 5. Now with this, the plan to win one of the two seats of Congress is also going to fail. However, Justice Sanjeev Khanna and Justice B. R. Gavai's leisure back allowed the Gujarat Congress to file an 'election petition' after completion of the by-election in both the seats. The results of parliamentary, legislative and local elections can be questioned through election petition. This petition was filed by Gujarat Congress MLA and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Tharshbhai Dhanani. It was said in the petition that it was against the spirit of unconstitutional and constitutional constitution to make separate elections on both the seats on one day. Darcell, According to the notification of the Election Commission, Amit Shah received the certificate of winning the Lok Sabha election on May 23, while Smriti Irani got on May 24. This led to a one-day gap in both elections. On this basis, the commission has considered the two seats in the state separately, but the elections will be held on the same day.

Congress dreaming of winning the seat of Amit Shah or Smriti Irani is now hanged in N = [T / (S + 1) + 1 formula

How can the loss to the Congress
tell you that the number of seats in the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha elections is 182 and the total members are 175 in present. Out of this, BJP has 100 seats and Congress has 71 seats. For the Rajya Sabha elections, the legislators will now vote for these two seats with 2 different ballots. The candidate will need 88 votes to win. But the Congress has only 71 MLAs. In this sense, the Congress has no chance of winning these two seats.  
N = [T / (S + 1)]
Election of the Congress Rajya Sabha , hanging in the +1 formula N = [T / (S + 1)] is on a 1-formula. Here N means the vote needed to win. T means the number of total voters, the sum of the total empty seats.
Now the mathematics of the Rajya Sabha election according to this formula is something like N = [175 / (2 + 1)] +1 Now if it is simpler then N = [175 / (3)] + 1 = 59.3333333 i.e. one seat The number of first preference votes for 60 will be 60. That is, one seat Congress could win easily if elections were held simultaneously in both the seats. But for different elections, now every seat requires votes. 
The Election Commission has asked the Election Commission
to justify its decision to hold separate elections in two seats while filing an affidavit and said that the Congress petition is not a hearing. In the affidavit it was said that according to the law, it is according to law to make separate elections on the vacant seats of Amit Shah and Smriti Irani. The Election Commission has been making this election since 1957. It has been said that the Election Commission has already made separate elections for Casual vacancies. When a member of the Rajya Sabha member ends the term, he is a regular vacancy, for which elections are held simultaneously. The Election Commission has cited the Delhi High Court's verdict of 2009 Satyapal Malik, in which the High Court had said that the casual vacancy will be filled with different elections. 

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